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Home Team Championship

By Wreck Therapy This SATURDAY the Prime Sinisters and Riot Squad will face off in the Home Team Championship Finals. This is the game we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve seen the three home teams fight it out on the track in all the previous games, we’ve laughed, cheered and (some of us) shed a […]

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Vixens vs. Vermont & Home Team Championship FINALS – Saturday, July 19th

This exciting double header has our all-star A-team squaring off against a similarly ranked team from Vermont and then the FINAL GAME of the 2014 HOME TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP gets underway. Game 1 will be on track at 5:30pm on Saturday, July 19th at Mlacak Arena (2500 Campeau Drive, Kanata, ON). Game #1 – RVRG’s amazing all-stars, […]

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Roller Derby Game: Saturday, June 28th / Mlacak Arena in Kanata

This exciting double header features our all-star b-team squaring off against a team from Rochester, New York and two RVRG home teams duking it out for a spot in the championship. They will all take to the track on Saturday, June 28th at Mlacak Arena (2500 Campeau Drive, Kanata, ON). Game #1 will see  the […]

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